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No matter the event, be it your wedding, birthday or baby shower, it can be a hard task to organise everything that you need. There’s just so many littles things that you can require to really make your day, event or party truly complete. Although that might sound like a major challenge, it’s not with our rental service here for you. Our rental service is the one place where you can get all the party equipment that you need for whatever event or party you are planning. Don’t stress. Just use our service to get every little detail sorted and get all equipment that you need.
About Us
Our service is here to help make your upcoming event or special day the great event that it should be. We can provide all the equipment and little things that you need to really make any event or party complete. We know the challenges that you are often faced with when you organise any event. We’re here to make it easier on you. Our rental service provides you with one location where you can get everything that you need. Better still, with the cheap party rentals that we provide, you don’t need to go over your budget to get all that equipment that you need.



Our equipment party rental service can provide you with whatever you need for any event or party that you might be planning. We are the Northern Virginia party rentals service that specialises in providing rental equipment for weddings, birthdays, baby showers and a number of other special events. Whether you need tent for an outdoor event, table and chairs, linen, glassware or flatware, we are the rental service that’s got just what you need. With so many options, you can customize everything to perfectly match the theme and requirements of what you are organising. We can even help you find the perfect rental space for any event. 

​​Local Event Rental Company

If you are looking to organise any wedding, birthday, baby shower or any other special event in Northern Virginia, then we are your local event rental specialist. We can provide all of the party equipment that you need to make sure that your event or party is a real success. All that we offer is available in number of locations in Northern Virginia. So whether you are looking for Alexandria party rentals, Ashburn party rentals, event rental DC, Party rental Fairfax or party rentals in Woodbridge, Leesburg Winchester, Manassas, we are your local service.

​Wedding Rentals

You want your wedding to be a truly special and magical day. We can provide you with a range of rental options to make your special day complete. With our wedding rentals there’s a wide selection of options to choose from, so you can easily customize everything to perfectly match and create the romantic setting that you desire. Our wedding rentals northern VA service covers everything from wedding rental furniture and tent rental for weddings to chairs for rent for weddings. So, make your special day complete with our services. 

​Birthday Party Rental Services

We know there’s a lot that you can need for your birthday. Luckily, birthday parties are just one more event that we specialise in providing a range of equipment rental options for. With our range, you can easily get all the equipment that you need to organise any type of birthday party. Whether you want to host an outdoor event, and need a tent and additional chairs and tables, or are hosting a party for children and are interested in our Moon bounce rental Fairfax VA service, you can get what you want with our rental services.

Baby Shower Rentals

Your baby shower should be a special event. But there’s a lot that you might need to make sure it’s the perfect and magical event that you are hoping for. Whatever you need, you know that we provide it. With our specific equipment rental services for baby showers, we have everything that you could possibly need. We provide tents, chairs, tables, linen, glassware and a whole lot more. 

​​Types of Party
Equipment ​for Rent

Our rental services are designed to provide a variety of different equipment that your event or party might require. So what is it that we can provide? Well, our range includes chair rental northern VA, Linen rental northern VA, tent rental northern VA and a number of other options. So if you need table, chair and tent rental, linen rental, glassware, flatware or anything else for an upcoming event, we are the rental service that we provide what you need at an affordable rate.

Event Space ​

One of the more time-consuming tasks that you have to deal with when organising any event is finding the right rental space to host it. Running around and looking at dozens of different spaces probably isn’t something that you have time for. But how can you find just the right space for your upcoming event? We can take care of that for you. Our service can help you locate the perfect rental space that meets all of your requirements. 

“They helped make planning everything for our wedding so very easy. They had everything that we needed.”
​- John. T

“The party wouldn’t have been the same without everything that they provided.”
​- Dan. S

“They range of options they provide is amazing. They made it so easy to get what was perfect for my baby shower.”
​- Maggie. L

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Whatever the event that you are in the process of planning, we are the party rental service that can provide everything that you need to make your event or special day complete. We cater for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and a range of other special events and parties. Our range also includes an event space rental service, so you can find the perfect space to host your upcoming event. With all our contact information accessible on our website, why not get all that you need for your next event and call us now?

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